Wed. May 22nd, 2024


Our setup. Depending on available space, Brian may be positioned as shown or turned for an even better view.

The lovely Mrs SGG explaining the menu (or maybe telling a fisherman’s tale of how big the fish was that got away).

Mr and Mrs SGG “Doing their thing” and unwrapping some ribs ready for a nice glaze.
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The Grill Guy himself

Our Smokers

“Brian” One of several smokers we have. Brian always comes to site with us and provides spectacle as well as tasty food and runs mainly on Oak.
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“Martie” The backbone of our overnight smokes mainly used for the Brisket and Pork. We favour a mix of Cherry and Oak. Martie is a Backwoods Fatboy G2 all the way from Dixie, Louisiana and named after one of the Chicks.
Our Pro Q Excel. We use this one mainly for cold smoking these days, but it also supplements Martie for overnight cooks when necessary and comes to site if Brian needs a little help.
Our GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker. Fabulous bit of kit and brilliantly stable for temperature.
Dancook 1400 built into a Stainless Steel catering table – This is my go to for home grilling.